1. Anonymous Poster

    That’s a pretty cool story man. I’ve had similar experiences where it seemed like God was telling me something.

    Lately I’ve had doubts about my salvation too just because of all of the people who try to claim that salvation requires more than faith in Christ. These doubts are pretty temporary though and always lead back to me remembering that I’ve already been saved and I thank Him

    I think the bible makes it pretty clear that faith in Christ alone is what saves you

    • Thank you brother and amen, salvation is by faith alone. The only time I had seriously doubted if I had believed enough was when I asked God to test my faith. When you read or watch a lot of faith alone, free grace, OSAS believers (real Christians) exposing the lies of Calvinism or lordship salvation etc. It becomes obvious that God would require nothing more than faith alone and anything else would make God ‘less’ in power. God bless you.

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