1. qwertz

    I think the mark of the beast will be a phsycially mark which have power about your spirituality, dna and your soul. The fact that we are his temple makes me sad because im addicted to tobacco, eating too much tocix food and masturbating.

    It always remember myself this verse about the temple when i think about of my actions and i see how truly dirty and sinfull i am. Its make me sad because i know what i should do but im to weak to get rid of it. i also prayed many times but also when i stopped i immadetily started the next day again smoking and other sins. these kind of experiences are really depressing and demotivating i feel like shit. i have prayed for wisdom and more faith and my know knowledge really increased incredible over the last few months but i have still a weak willpower.

    • Brother, I struggle with sin too. We all do. Some people struggle with this and others with that. In time, as you grow in Christ it will become less. This just means you’re a babe in Christ, and even the very oldest of us sin. Some Christians are saved for 10-20 years before they feel alright, the most important thing is to not think about your sin, but instead to grow. God paid for all your sins, you do not need to feel guilt or despair, even Paul after being saved for many many years, having been with Jesus and everything, still said he was carnal.

      This is our struggle in the flesh, one day we fall, another day we have victory. It’s ups and downs, this is how it is. I am glad you admit you’re sinning and can’t stop, that’s a good sign. People that say they don’t sin etc those I am worried about. You’re right where you need to be brother. God bless you. And remember, do not measure yourself up to others when it comes to certain sins. Bring everything to God, each time you sin, each time try to do a little better but again, the most important thing is to actually read the Bible and not think so much about sin. Our focus should be on God, if you think about sin, guess what? You’ll sin a lot easier. God bless you brother.

    • Sandy

      I tell you most assuredly my friend that God loves you unconditionally.
      When He sent His Son to share the Gospel, He sent His word in Jesus. If you have seen the Son, then you have seen the Father who sent him.
      If you know Jesus through the words he spoke recorded in the gospel, then you have heard God’s message.
      What does Jesus say about sin and about overcoming death?
      Christ tells us that we are to obey the Commandments, and he said the whoever believe in him (being the Son of God, that he died and was raised up to life, and ascended to the right hand of God), then you will not parish but be given the crown of life.

      Now consider the Commandments, where does God say thou shall not smoke, use drugs or alcohol, or that you shall not masterbate?
      He doesn’t. It is clear that Jesus is the word of God and we can examine what Jesus says about the flesh.
      The flesh is carnal by nature. Corrupted by sin (breaking the Commandments). We are tempted by the flesh to sin but we have faith in God who is uncorruptable (He cannot sin). Jesus was perfect in spirit and never sinned and He sacrificed Himself because He loved you. He took your punishment for sin upon himself and “Saved” you.
      All you have to do is accept His offering for sin, you are Saved no other way but by faith in God’s word. Your endulgences are by works, and you cannot be saved by works. So quiting is irrelevant, thats by works.

      God is merciful and forgives sin. If you are a parent, think about how much love you have for your children and how you would never kill them for being young and impressionable.
      You provide them rules to protect them and you allow them liberty to make mistakes to chastize them to wisdom.

      As you grow in faith and seek wisdom of spirit you begin to love as God loves and you don’t judge others because that sets up barriers and you bind yourself in judgement when judging others (or judging yourself).
      You are humble, conscientious, and you fear God. I think you are a pretty sure bet to being Saved as anyone.
      All God wants is a relationship with you, his son, through Jesus Christ. Obey His Commandments, keep the Sabbath and tesify to Jesus Christ’s redeeming power.

      That’s it. Welcome to God’s Kingdom my Brother.

  2. Sandy

    The Beast is not the Antichrist. The Beast is an Empire.
    The Antichrist is the Image Beast, that forces the world to worship the Beast Empire.
    The Antichrist must rise from the line of David and Judah (Jewish) because he is pretending to be the Messiah, King of the Jews.
    The Jews would never accept a pagan Mesiah as their King.

    The second beast from the earth is two earthy powers, the false prophet, who rides the beast (two religious organizations holding secular powers, Judean and Islam).and makes the image beast who speaks.
    This is Satan’s deception, making everyone believe he is Christ.

    How? How does Satan convince the world he is the Messiah?

    A fake Alien Invasion? A charismatic world leader who unites the world into a single empire? A military force?

    No. He convinces them by economic power, the banks, money.
    He who controls the money, controls the world.
    The mark is a global monetary system name after a man.
    A Jewish man. A religious leader. A politician. A financial manager. A figure head of leadership. A UN Secretary General.


    • And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. – Rev 19:20

      This verse proves the beast is a person as the false prophet is.

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